10 Tips To Increase Your Facebook Organic Reach And Engagement

A few years ago brands could easily reach huge audiences at little to no cost but not anymore.

At present all Facebook pages have seen their organic reach declining and the reason behind this is because Facebook wants to show you only relevant and “high-quality” stories on your news feed.

Brian Boland (VP Advertising Technology, Facebook) advice to publishers:

“Publish great content — content that teaches people something, entertains them, makes them think or, in some other way, adds value to their lives.”


Here’s 10 tips that you can implement today on your Facebook page to increase your organic reach:


Tip 1: Preferred Audience Targeting


Preferred Audience Targeting helps you improve your posts relevancy by indicating who is most likely to engage with it. If more people engage with your posts and your posts start to appear in their news feed then your organic reach will increase as well.

Step 1: (Facebook Page Settings)


Step 2:



Step 3:



Tip 2: Post Only Engaging Content


Audit your posts, try to find what exactly your audience likes and create more relevant posts to their preferences to boost your engagement.


Tip 3: Post More Videos Natively on Facebook


According to a study by Social Bakers Video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts.



Don’t share videos from YouTube or other platforms, try to upload them directly on Facebook.

Tip 4: Find relevant groups to share your posts


Make a list with relevant groups to your niche and share your content. Let’s say you’re a copywriter then you can share your content on Traffic and Copy (4.500 Members). If you’re an artist you can share your content on Incredible Art (25.000 Members), etc.


You can also create your own group and add your most engaged audience members.

Tip 5: Top and Bottom Text on your videos / images



We have noticed that all our images and videos with an interesting top and bottom text engage better than images/videos without captions.

Tip 6: Share an image and attach a link within the description



If you want to post a link it’s better to share the photo and then add a link directing to the facebook page. Facebook hates opening external links and they decreased reach for external links so they can increase our time spend on Facebook.

Tip 7: Audit to find your best posting time on Facebook


Go to your Facebook Page Insights -> Posts and check your optimal posting time. On this Page the optimal posting time is 6-8pm.


Once you find your optimal posting time, try to share posts around that time to increase your reach.

Tip 8: Partner with other Facebook Pages in your niche to share each other’s content


Connect with other Facebook pages in your niche to do cross-promotion and share each others posts with your audiences.


Tip 9: Ask your audience to turn on notifications


Ask your fans to turn on “Get Notifications”, once they turn that on they will receive notifications for all your future posts.


Tip 10: Engage with your audience



Adopt a light-heated and colloquial tone in the comments, using emoticons with a touch of humour to connect with your followers.


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