Bucket List

A long time a go I watched Bucket List, it quickly inspired me to create my own bucket list. A bucket list is a list of all the goals, experiences and achievements that you hope to accomplish during you lifetime.

This is my ‘short’ bucket list, let me know yours!

Learn To Cook Like A Gourmet Chef

Start or Contribute to an NGO or Foundation

Explore My Spirituality

Learn To Fly (Done)

Learn Salsa

Draw A Huge Abstract Painting

Learn Guitar or Piano

Get A Meaningful Tattoo (Done)

Watch NBA or Euro Live

Learn More About Our Expanding Universe

Visit Grotta Palazzese Hotel Ristorante

Catch A Big Wave Surfing (Done)

Write A Thank You Letter To Someone

Travel As Much As Possible And Hang Out With Local People

Write A Book

Vacation Solo

See The Northern Lights

Pack My bags And Set Off For A Random Location

Publish A Photo Book