Content Marketing Is Sexy and Functional

Marketeers are realising that traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective and they’re trying to find sexy and functional ways to advertise.

An effective way to advertise and connect with your consumers is Content Marketing. Content Marketing is the marketing technique which creates and distributes valuable, entertaining, inspiring and consistent content to it’s readers. It’s purpose is to train the reader and lead him into a profitable activity. Content Marketing is an ongoing process which takes time and implements the overall marketing strategy. Content writing has to be trustworthy and reliable.

The essence of this strategy is the belief that if we deliver consistent, valuable information to consumers, they ultimately reward us with their loyalty.


In the template below Dave Chaffrey, Smart Insight’s digital marketing author, suggests these steps for using the content marketing matrix:

“1. Add to the chart what you do now.
 2. Add competitor content marketing activities.
 3. Brainstorm what you could offer in future.
 4. Rinse and repeat!”


The dimensions of the suggested content are tailored to each audience, and the areas of content divided into these four:
• Entertain
• Inspire
• Educate
• Convince

The following are great examples of how content marketing should be done:


1. Coca-Cola “Share A Coke” Campaign


Coke’s “Share A Coke” campaign gave everyone the opportunity to personalize their coke. They took the 150 most popular names in Australia/Other Countries and added them to the side of the bottles. The result was everyone talking about Coke.

The campaign was very successful because of Personalization, this personal touch is the essence of content marketing.

Research shows that 74 percent of marketers know personalization increases customer engagement. But, only 19 percent of them ever use it.

2. Jack Daniels Blog And Content Videos

Jack Daniels’ blog and videos shows an innate understanding of its core audience and the content they want to read and view. Moreover The Independent Spirit Video below is a winner.


“Jack Daniel’s celebrates the independent spirit. Those who do things their own way, who take pride in their craft. Because that’s how we make our whiskey. Every single day.”

jack daniels

They have also created Jack Daniel’s Barrel Hunt to celebrate a century and a half dedicated to whiskey-making, which provides clues tied to the history of each region on its local Facebook pages to help fans find 150 whiskey barrels in cities hidden around the world at various historic and cultural sites. Winners receive a barrel, a bar kit made with oak from the barrels and other prizes.

Jack Daniels is committed to a regular cadence of content, showing customers with every piece that they share the same values and pastimes.

3. FU2016 – House Of Cards 

Netflix’s new political drama series adopts the marketing mindset that Frank Underwood and the rest of the characters are totally real. With an INCREDIBLE election website and a commercial that aired during a presidential debate, you forget that these people are acting. It’s a great example of how content marketing released strategically can lead to a successful campaign.

4. Huffington Post: Easy recipe videos

Huffington Post shows Facebook fans how to craft delicious dishes via descriptive videos — all 60 seconds or less. In 2016, attracting and maintaining customer attention will reach new heights of importance. Take a cue from HuffPo and focus on conciseness for your content.

5. Red Bull Stratos

Red Bull knows how content marketing works effectively and they created an everlasting moment on 14 October 2012 with Red Bull Stratos. Red Bull Stratos is an extraordinary stunt performed by the Austrian air acrobat Felix Baumgartner, who became the first man to fly the English Channel from Dover, England to Calais, France. They had a production studio in space, global distribution (via 77 live TV broadcasters and 280 partners in 48 countries), premium sponsors, engagement of a global audience (9 million tweets, most engaged digital content ever, 9 million live viewers).


The comments from the consumers were outstanding.

Tony Card @ACard7:
“This video inspires me to want to achieve my goals and chase my dreams…even if it means challenging myself.”

This is how you create loyal brand lovers.


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