Content Marketing Lessons From Red Bull Media House

The Gathering is an annual coming together of the world’s most coveted brands (UFC, Red Bull, Cirque Du Soleil) to share secrets.

On another post, I wrote why I believe Red Bull is one of the most creative brands. As I was researching about their strategy I found this speech by Greg Jacobs (Former Head of Distribution at Red Bull Media House), he went through Red Bull’s content marketing strategy and distribution. Let’s go through the main points of the speech.

Firstly he asks how do you engage an audience?

You can be annoying to get attention
You can hope to get attention
You can buy attention

But you can also produce great content and put the brand first.


He mentions that Red Bull’s goal is to win true loyal attention.

When Red Bull first launched, they started growing with sampling. They gave the product to people who needed it (skateboarders, musicians, artists), they call them their “heroes” now and their heroes broadcast their message for them.

Red Bull today has moved on and programs 20+ hours of web series content covering sports, gaming & music. They also have more than 1000 events per year. They produce all this content through Red Bull Media House but it is revenue that they look for and eyeballs, those two things combined gives them their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

He strongly believes at the end of the day they’re storytellers, it’s all about telling the story in an authentic way that drives engagement (Time Spend Viewing) that allows them to charge a higher cost per mille (CPM). The best way to tell a story is through creating an everlasting moment.

How do you create an everlasting moment? Red Bull created one on 14 October 2012 with Red Bull Stratos. Red Bull Stratos is an extraordinary stunt performed by the Austrian air acrobat Felix Baumgartner, who became the first man to fly the English Channel from Dover, England to Calais, France. They had a production studio in space, global distribution (via 77 live TV broadcasters and 280 partners in 48 countries), premium sponsors, engagement of a global audience (9 million tweets, most engaged digital content ever, 9 million live viewers).

With everlasting moments and authentic story telling they created royal fans.

Comments from royal fans:
Susie Smith @QueenSue65:
“Red Bull commercials make me want to do some awesome shit.”

David Parrish @d_parrish:
“I like these red bull commercials they inspire me to do something I can’t ha #GivesYouWings”


brand lovers engage

Tony Card @ACard7:
“This video inspires me to want to achieve my goals and chase my dreams…even if it means challenging myself.”

brand lovers engage2


Greg Jacobs believes that brand lovers always become brand buyers.

brand buyers


Finally, the 5 rules to live by from Jacobs:

  1. Be relevant and authentic
  2. Suprise and Innovate
  3. Be consistent
  4. Be the story
  5. Inspire sharing


Red Bull’s Strategic Value Chain:

1. Develop Quality Content (Sports and Adventures – Music and Lifestyle – ESports)
2. Produce Relevant Media Products (Feature Films – TV Documentaries – Web Series)
3. Establish Media Channels (Red Bulletin (3+ million copies) – Social Media (72+ million followers) – – Red Bull TV)
4. Innovative Business Models / Revenue Stream


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