Content Marketing

An effective way to advertise and connect with your consumers is Content Marketing. Content Marketing is the marketing technique which creates and distributes valuable and consistent content to it’s readers. It’s purpose is to train the reader and lead him into a profitable activity. Content Marketing is an ongoing process which takes time and implements the overall marketing strategy. Content writing has to be trustworthy and reliable.

The Content Marketing Pyramid, as seen below, is a way for marketers to create a documented content strategy.



In the template below Dave Chaffrey, Smart Insight’s digital marketing author, suggests these steps for using the Content Marketing Matrix:

“1. Add to the chart what you do now.
 2. Add competitor content marketing activities.
 3. Brainstorm what you could offer in future.
 4. Rinse and repeat!”


Consumers enjoy and feel closer to a brand after reading custom content from the company.



The Path to Content Marketing:
1. Set Objectives
2. Define the Audience
3. Create A Content Plan
4. Define Tactics & Develop Content
5. Test & Analyze



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