Native Advertising And Content Marketing In Simple Words

What is ‘Native Advertising’?

Native advertising is the marketing technique that tries to convince the consumer to buy a “product” rather than inform him. Some examples include the “advertorials”, which give information about a product in the style of an editorial and direct the reader to the company’s webpage or videos/pictures/infographics which refer to a brand.

What is ‘Content Marketing’?

Content Marketing is the marketing technique which creates and distributes valuable and consistent content to it’s readers. It’s purpose is to train the reader and lead him into a profitable activity. Content Marketing is an ongoing process which takes time and implements the overall marketing strategy. Content writing has to be trustworthy and reliable.

Advantages of using ‘Native Advertising’ and ‘Content Marketing’:

  • If used properly your brand can gain credibility and the content will be shared on blogs, social media and emails.
  • It’s not considered direct advertising and the readers are more positive to it when they read it.
  • Through this marketing technique you can “train” your readers and create loyal followers.
  • It’s not expensive compared to other marketing techniques.
  • Native Advertising and Content Marketing helps you with Search Engine Optimization when you include your links in the article (Keywords, Permanent Links).
  • You create a variety of promotional techniques that will help you achieve the desired marketing effect.

Example of ‘Native Advertising’:

UPS infographic presents the innovation in the operations of their supply chain. This is a great example of ‘native advertising’ because it is not separated by the rest of the content of Fast Company’s website and it pays close attention to the reasons that they stand out from their competitors.



Example of ‘Content Marketing’:

Netflix’s new political drama series adopts the marketing mindset that Frank Underwood and the rest of the characters are totally real. With an INCREDIBLE election website and a commercial that aired during a presidential debate, you forget that these people are acting. It’s a great example of how content marketing released strategically can lead to a successful campaign.


According to a research from Business Insider native ad spending hit $7.9 billion in 2015. Moreover that spending is expected to almost triple by 2018, to $21 billion.



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