Creative Ideas To Grow Your Marketing Agency Customer Base

I follow and occasionally write in a very active Facebook group called Traffic And Copy. This group is for skilled marketers and entrepreneurs that know what they’re talking about.

Recently I asked them to share with me “creative” ideas on how they have grown their agencies customer database?

These are some of the most interesting and valuable responses we received:

Vincent Dignan: Public speaking is the best way to do it, sales process starts face to face. You get the whole rooms attention rather than aimlessly networking, the whole room has to listen to you! Then get them to email you for the slides (follow-up).

Ava Lawrence: An online service sent us fancy and utterly delicious cupcakes as a ‘sweetener’ to sign up. Cue oohs and ahhs from the girls and boys in the office. Out of 3 online services in the running guess who the company went with? You can’t eat an email.


Neila Romdane: Call your happy clients and ask them to recommend like a vetted process.

Nader Anise: One of the best ways a marketing agency can succeed in picking up new clients is by actually demonstrating good marketing. A targeted direct response ad is good; direct mail is another option. Target the type of businesses you want and in the location you want. Get a mailing list. Then send them a tear sheet mailer or oversized letter (or anything else that will catch their eye). Write a killer sales letter with a too-good-to-pass-up guarantee. This reminds me of the Ogilvy & Mathers inhouse ads. Here are some:…/

Laurel Beltrone Cavalluzzo: A thought in reaching potential clients – digital is one means of reaching them, but traditional marketing is also very important. The best digital firms don’t work in a silo. Show potential clients you know how all various marketing tactics work together – come up with a campaign that goes across various channels, digital and other. Also important – who knows if your potential clients get their messages via digital. You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, and you need to be where your target audience is.

Will Laurenson: Face to face, networking events, public speaking? Try to make use of case studies.

I believe that whatever works best for you, keep doing more of that. I really love inbound marketing and case studies but sometimes you just need to pick-up the phone and make the cold-call or send a cold-email. In addition, another method that works for me, is giving free consulting for a few hours to potential clients to find their problems and provide them ways to solve them.

Also don’t be afraid to try something new ( maybe send cupcakes 🙂 ), be creative and your potential clients will appreciate it for sure.


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