Repurposing Google Analytics As A Decision Support Tool

I’ve watched Andy’s presentation at Content Marketing World 2015 and had to share my thoughts about it.

Andy Crestodina is one of the most passionate, committed and generous teachers in marketing. Together with the team at Orbit Media (Co-Founder/STRATEGIC DIRECTOR), Andy has put out some of the best digital marketing advice available in hundreds of practical articles, including posts on virtually all of the top marketing websites. He’s a true evangelist for content marketing and ethical digital marketing.


Crestodina says that most marketeers are using analytics wrong, they use them only for reporting and not analysis. He believes that there’s a big difference between report and analysis. Marketeers see a trend line going up and they smile or a trend line going down and frown. Andy mentions that the trend line has nothing to do with our marketing at all, I agree with him.

The real way to use the analytics is as a decision support tool to get a marketing idea. Afterwards ask a question that supports the idea and find the report that provides the answer. Finally proceed with the idea (or reject it) based on the answer and measure the impact. That’s how we will get better at marketing.

Here’s my own example:

  • You want to attract more visitors on your site based on the topics that are getting the most traction. (Marketing Idea)
  • You ask which topics are getting the most traction? (Question)
  • You find the answer: All Pages + filter (Report / Answer)
  • Based on the answer you proceed with a new topic to attract more visitors and measure the impact.

Google Analytics Creative Monday All Pages - Title Filter

#CMWorld 2015 – Use Data to Make Better Content Marketing Decisions:



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